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Something can always happen. We simply cannot control everything. Well trained emergency response officers can make the difference during an emergency.
The Emergency Response training consists of two parts: a theoretical part and a practice part. The theoretical part can be finished at home in our dynamic e-learning environment. The e-learning environment consists of several modules with study material. The student can pass the course in just one day.

The students will receive an email with the confirmation and an email with login details for the online course, course information and practice rules. If they pass the course they will also receive a digital certificate in their profile and a card by post.


Emergency Response Basic e-learning & practical session

Target group All employees in your organization appointed with the emergency services in the framework of the Working Conditions Act. (Article 15)
Aim course The participant learns to provide lifesaving skills in a responsible way; limiting and controlling fire and limiting the consequences of accidents and in case of an emergency alerting and evacuating all employees and other persons in the organization.
Result After the students has finished the Emergency Response Officer training, they know how to act in an emergency situation. They will know how to do the following tasks:

  • Vacate and evacuate;
  • Communication in the event of an emergency;
  • CPR (with and without AED);
  • Lifesaving acts;
  • Various forms of injuries and recognizing them;
  • The difference between fire extinguishing agents and when to use which;
  • Recognize and fight a starting fire.
Course level MBO
Course duration Ca. 3 hrs. online study & 1 practical session
Course Package E-learning

  • Evidence paper
  • Practical session
  • Study material during the practical session
  • Digital certificate & pass by post
Study Material Online theory

  • 6 interactive modules including sound, questions and practices.
  • Reference
  • Online practice test per module
  • Online theory exam
  • Evidence paper
Preparation The student needs to complete the theory examination with a positive result before the practical course.
Online modules
  • Introduction online study material
  • General first aid rules
  • Non-emergency aid
  • Emergency first aid
  • Firefighting and evacuation
  • Emergency Response in practice
Online Practice questions Each section contains knowledge-oriented and application-oriented questions. These questions can be practiced without limits.
Reference The reference is a summary and does NOT describe the entire course.
Online theory exam 2 partial exams: Firefighting and Lifesaving First Aid. The student has two attempts per exam.
Evidence paper After the student passed both partial exams successfully, the student will receive an evidence paper in their profile.
The student needs to complete the theory examination with a positive result, in order to attend the practical session.
Program Practical session
  • Suffocation
  • Bandaging
  • The recovery position
  • CPR
  • Fire extinguishing exercises
  • Door procedure
Certificate When the student has passed the course the student will receive a digital certificate in his/her profile and a card by post.
Register The certificate will be registered in the PlusPort Academy. The student will receive a reminder to update the certificate.
Pricing € 199,- ex. BTW  | e-leaning only € 69,- ex. BTW  |